About the Legend of Zelda Characters.

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Princess Zelda Through the Ages:

A Bit about Zelda
The name "Zelda" was given to every female of the Royal Family. Though Princess Zelda is the main character, the person who plays the game plays as Link. Zelda is usually kidnapped by Ganondorf, also known as Ganon. In some games she appears as on of the sages. In Ocarina of Time and Minish Cap she shows different powers such as Force Field and Energy Blast. In most Zelda games Zelda has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a pink dress with pink shoes, but in Twlilight Princess she has brown hair, blue - gray eyes and a more womanly figure.
Other Forms
In Ocarina of Time Zelda is in the form of "Shiek" when Link pulls the master sword out of the tablet and it becomes Seven years into the past. Zelda, to protect herself, disguised herself as a boy and worked for the Dark King Ganondorf. Though, Ganondorf didn't know about this until Zelda turns to her normal self at the temple of time and is captured by Ganondorf.

Also in the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass Zelda is apperantly a young Pirate Girl named Tetra. She is the one who starts Link's adventure. Her mother had died when she was young and Tetra was left to lead her mothers group of pirates. Tetra didn't like Link, but she later finds out Link getting the Master Sword and advancing to fight Ganondorf. Later Tetra is shown to be Princess Zelda, but Tetra didn't even know she was Princess Zelda! Tetra wore a large piece of the triforce around her neck as a necklace and when reunited with her ancestor the King of Hyrule their triforce parts united and caused Tetra to turn into a blonde Princess Zelda.

Link Through the Ages:

A Bit about Link
Link is the official Main Character of all of the Zelda games. Link is usually considered a human in some games, but in others he is considered a Hylian. The creator of Link wanted him to only be a child who goes through all of the dungeons not a young man. Link's real name was going to be Chris named after the creators godfather, but in a board meeting they agreed to Link to reflect the bond between Link and the player.

In all games Link is either there to save princess Zelda mostley from Ganondorf, or to save a land in trouble. Link never backs down and is a very strong and kind character. Though it seems you can never find out because Link never talks, you can see how Link always helps those in need (if the player wants him to) and destroy the evil! Link is a Hero.
Ganondorf Through the Ages:

A Bit about Ganondorf (Ganon)