Getting the Sword and Shield

So let's start the walkthrough. A cutscene will be shown at the beginning of the game. So once it ends exit your house. Climb down the ladder and talk to Saria (you don't have to). Once you've talked to her walk up the hill and take a right. Keep walking until you reach a little lake. Jump accross the water until you reach a pathway. Mido is guarding it so talk to him and he tells you to find a sword and shield to enter. Getting money is easy because it's all over kokiri Forest. So go to Mido's house and open all the treasure boxes which would all in total be 12 rupees. You can lift up rocks and throw them and get money that way too. If you decide to get the sword first then you can cut through grass and earn money like that to. The twins house have two pots. One pot holds one rupee and the other holds five. One last place to check for money is to go to the shop and try to go to the back of the store. Once you've reached up to 40 rupees walk over to the little building with a red roof. Enter it and talk to the little guy jumping up and down behind the counter. Buy the Kokiri Shield then exit the store.

From the shop walk to the direction of Link's house, but before you start going down hill make a right. As you walk there should be a hill that goes up. Walk up it and go around the gates until you reach a wall with a small hole. Get really close to the wall then press A. Use the joystick and move up so Link can crawl through the tunnel. Once you've reached the other side take a left. A boulder should be rolling around. Follow behind the boulder until you reach a path that leads to a treasure box. Open it and you got the Kokiri Sword! (Equip the sword and shield by pressing start and moving the joystick until you find a picture of Link. On the right side should be the sword and shield. Scroll over them and press A.)

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