Going through the Courtyard.

The First Guard:
       The First Guard is walking around a square hedge. Easy! Once he is behind the hedge run across to the next place.

The Second Guards:
        There are two guards this time. One moves fast and the other slow. When both are behind the fountains run to the next area!

The Third Guards
        In this one just wait for the guard to be behind the wodden pillar. If you want to make a challenge for you then climb up the staris and go across the top, don't fall or you'll get caught! Finally you can also follow behind the guard to collect the money.

The fourth guards:
       For this one there are also two guards but now they are guarding the same statue. There is a point when they are both behind it, that is when you make a run for it.

The Fifth Guards:
       This one is the final stage, follow behind one guard, but stay a fair distance and watch for the second guard. When you reach the top of the screen then keep going forward through an archway.

You got through the Courtyard! Now, a fairly long cutscene will be shown, but once it is finished head to where Impa indacates you to go.

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