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Heading to Hyrule

So props to you for beating Queen Gohma! Now as you leave the Great Deku Trees grove, talk to Mido since he won't let you pass if you don't. After you talk to him keep moving forward until you come across a tunnel. Go through it. Keep moving across the bridge then go through the tunnel. But wait! What is this? A cutscene? Oh! Saria wants to say goodbye. That's nice. So after you talk to her you will already be taken outside. Keep walking until you come across Keapora Gaebora the barn owl. He will talk for a LONG time. Sadley you meet him a couple more times, but he is very helpful. Now keep walking until you come across a path. Follow it and you should be getting close to Hyrule Castle, but you better be quick because when night falls the gate to Hyrule closes. Once you arrive you will see a place in birds eye view. Hopefully you see a door on the top of the screen. Go through it. Break all of the pots, don't worry about the knight watching if you talk to him he'll tell you to break them. One of the boxes contains the fourth Gold Skulltula. To gain it Link needs to bump into it while rolling. Then leave the place and head left.

Welcome to the Market Place! As you are walking around you should meet a little girl with orange hair. Talk to her then where Link is standing move the joytick forward. Link ends up in Hyrule Castle, well the outside atleast. As you keep walking you meet Kaepora Gaebora. After he talks run up to the tree and make Link bump into it.  A Gold Skulltula falls to the floor. Kill it then collect the token.

Now you'll need to make your way to the inside of Hyrule Castle. It could be tricky because Knights guard the whole thing. If you look at the map below it should tell you how to get to Hyrule Castle. Follow the red line.
When you arrive you notice a man sleeping. Talk to him then you'll have to head back to where you first started. Climb up the vines again, but oh wait?! Malon the girl you met in the Market Place is there. Talk to her then she'll give you a wierd egg. Head back to the sleeping man. The weird egg cracks and becomes a chicken! Show the chicken to the sleeping man and he should wake up. Talk to him twice. The second time he will run off. look around and you should spot two boxes with a cows face on each side of the box. This is your key to heading to meet Princess Zelda. So grab one of the boxes and move it closer and closer to the gap that leads to the water. Push the box off the ledge then try to get the second box exactly ontop of the first one. Climb onto it then jump onto where the water is coming out from. Crawl through the hole. So you've made it to the courtyard. You'll need to make your way through it without being caught by the guards.

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