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A New Forum Under way!

Thanks to Zelda's Grounds Good friend Z.Z we now have in our Formus a "U Rate it!" Section. In this section you can Rate the best, worst, annoying, intense, etc Zelda Video Game out there! All you need to is Click or scroll your mouse over "Interactive" and click on "Forums" Then click on "U Rate it!" and begin rating! (You must be signed in to comment or make a rating.) We hope you'll enjoy and remember to give us suggestions for new stuff on the website!


Everything you need to know about Skyward Sword!!! Click here to know more!

So do you want to know about the new Zelda game coming out? Will it be better? Will it be different? Any question you have is answered if you click here and if we didn't answer your question then contact us in the Post Office so we can start working on your question!

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   The whole Zelda's Grounds staff thank all those who have visited and we hope you continue to. Since our website is new it is still in progress. We plan to completely finish our website on the night of January 14th. Please check back everyday to see what is new and to enjoy what we have so far. Thank you!
                                 - Webmaster

Something Exciting!

      Now on Zelda's Grounds we are about to put music up from all Zelda games! Check back everyday to see which soundtrack we have completed! Just Click on "Music" at the top of the page and download! Enjoy!