Cucco Roundup

So once you've reached Kakariko Village head straight up the stars and turn right at the Well. You will meet a woman who has her hands on her mouth. Talk to her and she tells you to help her with her Cucco's. The Cucco's are all over Kakariko Village:

1. The first Cucco is around the place where you met the lady. Use A when you are near the Cucco. Walk the Cucco toward the Pen.

2. Go down to where you first entered and you will find another Cucco walking around. Don't put it in the pen though.

3. With this Cucco go toward the Cucco Lady and hopefully you see some stairs in fornt of the pen. Go up them, still holding the Cucco. Jump the ledge to over a fence. Throw the Cucco over the fence and collect the other Cucco, throw it over aswell.

4. From the last Cucco go up a ladder that leades the above the ledge where you jumped off. Find the Cucco and throw it off. Get out of the place and put one Cucco in the pen, you'll need the second one.

5. From the pen - holding a Cucco - go down a path that leads to stairs (Not through an Archway and not from the well.) Don't go down the stairs, but throw the Cucco up on the ledge where the red bricks stacked together are. Get on the ledge youself. Look across from the ledge, hopefully there is a Cucco on another ledge. Use your Cucco to jump of the ledge to the next. Throw both Cucco's off the ledge and get down. Bring them to the pen.

6. The sixth Cucco is located in front of the first house you see entering Kakariko. There is a box in front of the house. Bump into it and get the Cucco inside it. Bring it to the pen.

7. The last Cucco is up the stairs from the house you just came from. Go up the stairs and follow the Cuccos noise. Carry it towards the pen.

When you finish collecting the Cuccos talk to the Cucco Lady and she gives you a gift. This is very useful!

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